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Friday, October 29, 2010

Travelling to Paderborn, Germany 2 --- Paderborn Town (b)

I rest in the hotel for a while and revived myself from the cool weather…tongue.gif

I followed the Kasseler Straße until it joined with Kamp Street. The corner house supposed to be the Episcopal Palace (POI 13). Along the road you shall see a modern shopping centre, Libori Gallery, which ware the site of the old post office built in 1720.
POI 13 Episcopal Palace

Libori Gallery Shopping Centre
I ate lunch at the burger shop (or kebab shop) opposite Libori Gallery. I ordered Hawaiian Burger, from far I thought the burger served with beef patty and hash brown. But actually it is pineapple… now I knew Hawaiian = Pineapple…unsure.gif
Burger and Kebab Shop

Hawaiian Burger...Fries (with a lot of Mayonnaise....)

After my lunch, I continued along Kamp Street. The Liborius Fountain (POI 14) with the statue of Paderborns patron saint was seen on the left of the street after Libori Gallery. Then the Theodorianum Grammar School with its Theological Faculty (POI 15) was just around the corner. It was connected to the former Jesuit Church (POI 16).

POI 14 Liborius Fountain

POI 15 Theological Faculty

POI 16 Former Jesuit Church

There were other historical buildings which includes Franciscan Church (POI 17) on Westernstraße, Liborius Chapel (POI 18) and Capuchin Church (POI 19). Yeah…yeah…more ad more churches…just like the scene of mosque everywhere in Malaysialaugh.gif

POI 17 Franciscan Church

Huge Crowd at Westernstraße

POI 18 Liborius Chapel

POI 19 Capuchin Church


  1. I want to visit Germany in the mom and my relatives said it's a clean nation.My sister's going there next year

  2. ladyinpurple:
    Yea...should visit Germany or other Europe nations...the environment is relatively clean and the weather is cool and dryer...haha...
    If possible, tag along and enjoy together with your sister...=p


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