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Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting my Singapore EP Pass 1 --- Before arrived at Singapore

I am thinking of posting my experience of getting my Employement Pass (EP) few months ago.

I've started my EP application way before I report in to work in my new company when I am still in Malaysia. (This is one of the way for efficient statutory application

The new company's HR sent me a form from MOM (Ministry of Manpower, SG), namely Employment Pass / S Pass Application Form (Form 8). It is just a typical government form, filling up your education qualification, working experience, family members, employer's detail, etc.

In Singapore, they classified the work permit by our fixed salary, S Pass for fixed salary >SGD1,800 per month and EP for fixed salary >SGD2,500 per month (there are another 3 categories for EP based on fixed monthly salary range).

Together with my scanned pass port, degree certificates,  professional certificates (if any) and passport photo (taken within three months) were sent to my new employer. (Important: Any non-English documents are required to submit a copy of the original and an official English translation certified by our embassy)

As applicant are not required to be present in Singapore while our application is being assessed, the employer can applies the EP by manual or online. My new employer perform the application online. There is a e-Government portal for online application with administrative fee of SGD10. My supporting documents shall be requested if required. A six month validity of In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter shall be generated electronically within seven days. It shall spell out the specific supporting documents to be submitted to MOM when I come over to collect my EP.

Therefore, we can start apply our EP even when we are still serving notice period in our previous company without travelling to Singapore. nod.gif

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