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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Travelling to Paderborn, Germany 1 --- Flying for more than 24 hours

I took a week off to go for a short trip to Paderborn, Germany...rclxm9.gif

I travelled from SG back to MY first. As it was a weekday, there were not many people on the flight. I am taking Jetstar because it touches down at KLIA (no need to transfer from LCCT) and the recent bad news on Tiger Airways always cancelling flight...sweat.gif

After that, I took a midnight flight from KLIA to Düsseldorf, Germany via KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines).
I watched couple of in flight movie along the way, i.e. Prince of Persia and The Karate Kid. I slept the other time as normally flight to Europe is mostly midnight in MY.

There was a transfer flight before reaching Düsseldorf International Airport, Germany at Amsterdam, Holland (I travelled by KLM, Royal Dutch Airline). I’ve checked in my luggage all the way, so just need to get my boarding pass to get going. There was no more check-in counter, only Self-Service Transfer machine, where you can confirm and print your boarding pass (I have to start using the ones in KLIA or LCCT to keep myself on the technology edge…tongue.gif)

Self Service Transfer Kiosks
Self Service Transfer Kiosks at Amsterdam Schiphol
There were three and half hours of flight transfer time, so I walked around. Amsterdam Airport (it was called Amsterdam Schiphol) is a very huge airport. I believed it is just like Changi Airport of SG, where most of the people shall transfer from here if they are travelling within Europe. In the airport itself, can you believe me that there are actually library, museum and casino?  blink.gif
Amsterdam Schiphol
Amsterdam Schiphol as busy as Changi Airport
Foot Massage before you fly
Playground for Children

Airport Library

Airport Museum
Some of the Airport Museum's Exhibits
Airport Casino...keep playing until forget your flight...

One thing to note, not to walk too long within the airport although you have a long transfer waiting period, queuing through immigration and security scan can takes more than half an hour.

KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines
Morning Sun in Germany

Flying from Amsterdam to Düsseldorf is like from SG to MY, about an hour flight. I reached Düsseldorf around 9:30am (local time GMT+02:00). It took me about a day in travelling time (22 hours and 40 minutes to be exact, I flew from SG 04:50pm, GMT+08:00). I still need to catch the 10:40 train and travel another two and half hours to reach Paderborndoh.gif… with my luggage… 

By the way, in EU nations, we are only need to validate our passport entry once. There is not requiring to stamp on your passport within the EU nations.  

I shall update more on my experience and share photos on this Germany trip soon…laugh.gif


  1. So nice~ Update more on your trip ya...(^^)/

  2. Eisse J : Thanks...shall update soon...:)

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