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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little India Singapore

I went to Little India last Sunday afternoon to exchange some money. I was thining of going there to have a feel of the Deepavali environment and meet a friend near by.

I planned to go to the famous Mustafa Centre to exchange money. They published their rate online. I always used it as a guide. It is real time and updating very often. Although there is a Little India MRT station, we supposed to get down at Farrer Park MRT station, which is nearer.

Farrer Park MRT Station
First I got a bit lost of direction, since this is the first time I visit Little India. They are a lot of Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani around there, on every street. The feeling is like you walking in a town in India. You are the only foreigner around the area. whistling.gif After looking through the map, I managed to arrive at Mustafa Centre (although through the small alley...haha...).
Famous Mustafa Centre
The crowd was huge, mostly Indian. There are some Chinese, Malay, "white people" (foreigner as well, I think, do not understand what they are saying...blink.gif), middle east, etc...But really trust me, the crowd was huge, (I didn't manage to take a photo in the shopping mall because worry will get caught). The feeling is like shopping in Sungai Wang (for Malaysia), the stall is every where, you do not know what to expect around the corner although they did organized by categories. But it is simply too many things and too small place. The walk way is very small, and the goods are all around. You cannot see the exit if there is an emergency.

The money changer is located at the ground floor. Since I have some time, I try to walk around. I try to find another money changer to compare price. After a while, I a bit lost inside the Mustafa Centre, I ended up coming out from the Serangoon Plaza (actually the two malls are linked). I managed to located another money changer beside Mustafa, but the rate is worse than it (about 0.002 cent).

I changed my money and goes off. I would not enjoy shopping here although the prie may be cheaper. There are jewellry, watches, clothes, souvenirs, foods, electrical appliances, etc. But it is too clamp. I do not like the atmosphere.

I went out and heading to the City Square Mall near by and meet my friend to have a drink. The weather in Singapore is just too hot. You sweat a lot when you walk from place to place (Malaysia, you just need to drive and park in the basement car park...laugh.gif).
Deepavali Decoration along the road

City Square Mall


  1. nice post.. hi, r u familiar with sg d? can i ask u abt some info in Sg? u mind if i PM u?

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences, from beginning to now, very informative. I am just wondering how's the job perspective for an over-sea fresh grad in science in Singapore? Cheers.

  3. clowny:
    Thanks for your comment...^^

    The main skill that Singapore needs at the moment for science graduates are mainly in manufacturing sector on chemicals and biomedicals. There also requirement in Nano engineer in offshore and marine industry. In healthcare, mainly in pharmacy sector.

    I also saw a lot of advertisement on R&D and further study in some local universities and research centre, such as aSTAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research) Singapore. They do offer scholarships and career opportunities.

    All the best in your new career journey...:)

  4. Huang:
    Thanks. Sure, I shall try to answer your doubt from my experience and knowledge about this country...=p

  5. i think i alr emailed to ur gmail if i din send to d wrong person.. thnx..

  6. hi adam! mustafa is really good BUT ... never ever go on a sunday again! go on a week day:)

  7. Huang:
    I replied your mail. Let me know if you need further infromation...=p

  8. Hi Xiaoxin ... :
    Yeah you are probably right...and don go around Deepavali season...haha...^^

  9. ah so...this is mustafa! been hearing about this place...=) thanks for posting


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