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Monday, November 1, 2010

Travelling to Paderbon, Germany 3 --- Mini Cars

As I walked pass the street of Paderborn, I cannot keep away from noticing a lot of “mini” cars (less than 1,000 cc), which seldom available in the countries that I came from.

It is a segment in the vehicle category of hatchback cars. It is a city car that intended for urban used. From my understanding, after the recent economy crisis where car manufacturing companies like GM, Chrysler, Ford, etc having financial difficulties and required their government bailout, I thought that mostly cars in countries like Europe and America should be all big in size…hmm.gif

But I was wrong…ohmy.gif...the city is occupied with these supermini (known as B-segment in Europe and Kei cars or keijidōsha, 軽自動車 in Japan) car. In fact, in cities where I came from, Singapore is filled with imported executive sedan car (normally more than 1,600cc), in Malaysia, surely are the “local made”, i.e. Proton and Produa.

I think in advanced country like Germany where most of the people travel by public transport across cities and the citizens are more polite on the road, “mini” cars like these are viable. In Malaysia, I feel there shall be more fatal accident if we drive using this type of car. Do not feel safe travelling with small vehicle like this, where you are surrounded with treats from big Lorries, busses and all the F1 drives…sweat.gif
Alfa Romeo MiTO

Audi A2

BMW Mini

Chevolet Kalos


Citroen C2

Citroen Classic Model

Dacia Sandero

Fiat 500

Ford Fiesta

Hyundai Getz

Kia Picanto
Lancia Ypsilon

Mazda 2

Mercedes Benz A Class

Mini Cooper

Mitsubishi Colt

Nissan Micra

Opel Corsa

Peugeot 207

Renault Clio

Scoda Fabia

Seat Ibiza

SMART City Coupe
Suzuki Swift

Toyota Yaris

VW Beetle

VW Polo MK5
It was not my initial intension to take photos of these “mini” cars, but just cannot help it. There were too many nice and cute “mini” cars around, where I must took some photo and share it here…hope you enjoy…

I end this post with this, out of topic photo…Limousine…hahaha… laugh.gif  


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  2. Joyin天国的小孩:

  3. ♥【晴天娃娃RENEE】♥ personal favorite is the Peugeot 207...:)


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