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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting my Singapore EP Pass 2 --- After report to work at Singapore

My company is a Singapore based company. With the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter for my Employment Pass (EP), I am allowed to start work with my Short Term Visit Pass (normally 30 days as stamped in our Malaysian passport). But without a valid EP, I am not able to rent a room as in Singapore, the owner of HDB flat is only allow to rent the house for valid work permit holder (to avoid illegal foreign workers)

Hence, after the new company orientation, the HR representative shall request the issuance of EP online (because they are my sponsor for this EP). SGD30 per year shall be paid by the company to Ministry of Manpower (MOM). A Notification Letter shall be generated.

After that, I shall need to make an online appointment to visit the EP Service Centre for fingerprint and to submit:
a) Notification Letter
b) Photo as the format required
c) Medical report (if required. For me, not needed, just need declared that I am healthy...flex.gif)
d) Immigration White Card (IMM27), the one that we filled when we first touched down to singapore

With all my documents ready, the only outstanding task was to take a photo, i.e. Passport size but with white background.

Since I was not very familiar with the photoshop in Singapore, I took my photo in a small studio in a shopping mall, SGD16. My colleague advised me to take it at a photo booth, which is cheaper. But to play safe (normally studio aware of the requirement of the photo format), I decided to take in the studio...laugh.gif


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ♥iLe irnadiana♥:
    From your comment, I take that you are not taking Civil Engineering course in Singapore.
    To have an internship in Singapore is like applying one in Malaysia, just write to the companies that you are interested.

    Sometimes, some of the employers do published their Internship Job in Job Search Web Site, i.e. Jobstreet, JobDB, Jenjob, etc...

    Be frank, just state your intention and your course is not in Singapore (or you are not Singaporean), if they are really interested, they shall do the paper work application for you.

    Hope this help...^^

  3. ya, i'm doing my 1st degree in Malaysia and i am Malaysian :)
    I am seeking for a intership placement in Singapore during their practical training period.
    Is there any company that you want to suggest? :P

  4. *During the practical training period.
    typo error :D

  5. ♥iLe irnadiana♥:
    I feel it is all depends on what you want to achieve over this practical training period and your expectation on this company shall be in your career life.

    Another thing is what type of Civil Eng work that you like, i.e. design work, tendering work, constructing work, maintenance work, etc.

    My own thought on Civil Eng practical training (correct me if I am wrong), the company shall mainly employed their trainee to help up on the paper work such as preparation on tendering documents or filing the construction document, may be some site visit, etc.

    Thus, depends on which type of work you choose, you can join a consultant company, a EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company, a civil maintenance company, etc. You also can choose the scale of the construction, i.e. on building, factory, whole plant, etc.

    If you plan to come to Singapore just for getting exposure, I suggest you should join some reputable company, such that makes your resume better (meaning, don't join some company that people never heard about their name). For example some of the big MNCs in SG are, Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Rotary Engineering (building Exxon Mobil plant),Keppel Seghers Engineering, Mcconnell Dowell, Sembcorp Design & Construction, etc.

    Hope this helps....:)

  6. Thanks, now i get the idea. :D
    For me, i just want to gain the experience.
    as long as is related to civil engineering..
    By the way, thanks for your information and advices :)
    really appreciate it :D

  7. ♥iLe irnadiana♥:
    No problem, glad to help.
    It is good for you to be enthusiatic and passion on what you are studying. For young graduate like yourself, there is no limit of what you can accomplish in your career life. Just remember to be focused.

    Hope you can find a great place for your internship

  8. Hi,I am taking Mechanical Engineering now, coming May of this year will do the internship. I am Malaysian and taking course in Malaysia, i am very interest to industry placement in Singapore. For Malaysian, can we Industry placement in singapore?

  9. koh:
    You can try your luck to apply as normal application of job or internship in Malaysia...just depends whether the companies in Singapore would like to take thr trouble to employ you as their trainees...^^

  10. thanks a lot from your information. Do you have any mechanical related company that can for me to apply for the internship?

  11. koh:
    I think you should apply based on the industry that you would like to have your career when you graduate. Then can only suggest you d companies...=p

  12. Got any companies in singapore is related to mechanical design engineering? I got interest on this field..

  13. koh:
    I think Samsung Engineering and ST Engineering are good companies for heavy industry...HP or Emerson for manufacturing...etc...

  14. Hi Adam,

    I appreciate the information that you have provided in your blog. It helps me so much on getting to know the process. May I ask how long it takes for you to obtain your IPA from the day of your docs submission? Also, may i know what field are u currently working in? Just being a ke-po-chi, if you don't mind sharing. XD

  15. Hi Keat Eu,

    It took about three weeks for me to get my got an offer in Singapore?

  16. Adam,
    Yes, i got an offer to work in sgp. Currently, a little worried about getting approval for my EP, room rent, and the working culture in sgp. Your blog gave me a very good start on these matters. I heard it can be really stressful working at there esp with the sgpreans kiasu spirit. Nevertheless, I feel it would be good for my career. What do you think of singapore so far in terms of their work culture in comparison to msians?

  17. Hi Keat Eu,

    The EP is mainly depends on your salary range, job skill and company, should be fine. Room rental is also simple, you can refer to some of the web site from my previous post (as long as you got $$).

    On work culture, actually I have been thinking of writing some thing about this topic, but feel that it is still lots to observe before I make a conclusion.

    At the moment, in my opinion, I think that it all depends on yourself, what you want to achieve in your career life. If you want to have a challenging, global, with growth and competition (without home ground avantage any more), Singapore is the place...Malaysia is still have some to catch up in certain area...

    Are you a fresh grad? If yes, it has not really much different, I feel...need to work smart and hard...

  18. Adam,

    Thanks for your input. I have already worked for 2 years plus now. I guess, I will have to work first to get the feel of the company's work culture in Singapore. Yeah i agree with you that Singapore is generally a better place for job progression =)

  19. Hi Keat Eu,
    No problem...It shall be fine for you...all the best!

  20. Hi, so is it means once you receive IPA letter, your company ask you start work? Since that few weeks you dont have EP (means cant find romm rent), where you stay? Hostel or friend house?


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