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Monday, October 25, 2010

Travelling to Paderborn, Germany 2 --- Paderborn Town (a)

Paderborn is a more rural city as compared to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. There is no sky scrapper or busy street. The atmosphere here is very calm and peaceful. I stayed in Hotel Aspethera (marked STAR) near Place of Interest (POI) No. 12 at the inner city of Paderborn. It was 69.00 EUR per night with breakfast and internet.

Paderborn Town Map

On the first day in Paderborn, I planned to perform the short walk through the town myself (It cost 45.00 EUR for a guided tour of 90 minutes, with 10.00 EUR for each extra 30 minutes). I followed the tourist guide map and explored myself, free of charge…it was not that difficult…cool2.gif

There are about 20 historical buildings in the inner city itself. As a good engineer, we always try (I said try…smile.gif) to follow the instruction manual as much as possible. Hence, I started my walk from the town center, where the former Carolingian Royal Palace’s foundation walls were (POI 1). The palace was where the first Franconian Imperial Assembly was held in year 777 (more than 1,200 years ago).

The next two POIs are churches, i.e. Dom or Cathedral (POI 2) and Gau Church (POI 3) on the other side of the market square.
POI 1 Carolingian Royal Palace

POI 2 Dom or Catherdral Church

POI 2 Dom or Catherdral Church (Internal Hall)

POI 2 Dom or Catherdral Church (Internal Hall)

POI 3 Gau Church

POI 3 Market Square with Neptune's Fountain
Next, walking through a narrow alleyway (past Neptune's Fountain), you shall find the magnificent Rathaus or Town Hall (POI 4). In front of the town hall was an old well which the people of Paderborn used to get their water. Just around the corner, you shall find the Heising House (POI 5), it is next to the Tourist Information Centre.
POI 4 Town Hall

POI 5 Heising House

Walking down Am Abdinghof (street name), you shall find the Pader Springs (POI 7), a river where people can rest and relax at the pedestrian precinct adjacent to the river. Then, you can see Abdinghof Church (POI 6), a protestant parish church with twin tower. The City Gallery (POI 21) was just beside the twin tower church…sometime is not us, the engineers want to bypass the instruction, just that the instruction is not good…wink.gif(may be the tourist guide want to differentiate the historical buildings and modern buildings).
POI 6 Abdinghof Church (Twin Towers)

POI 7 Pader Springs or Pader River

POI 7 Pader Springs or Pader River

POI 21 City Gallery Am Abdinghof

In the Geissel Garden (POI 10), you shall find the Cathedral Deanery (POI 8), which is used as the public library now. On the left of Michaelstraße, the St. Michael’s Church (POI 9) is located. Alongside with Geissel Garden is the small street “Auf den Dielen”, a stretch of carefully restored timber framed houses on this street are a beautiful sight.  The most beautiful one is known as the Adam and Eve House (POI 11).
POI 10 Geissel Garden

POI 8 Cathedral Deanery (Public Library)

POI 9 St. Michael's Church

PO1 11 Along Auf den Dielen street (timber framed houses)

POI 11 Adam and Eve House

I went back to the hotel for a short rest, since Busdorf Church (POI 12) was just opposite to it.
POI 12 Busdorf Church

(--- to be continued laugh.gif)


  1. y u choose to go Germany? haha....

  2. Tan Chia Hui:
    Haha...I thought it should be fun...

    Cally Choo:
    I travel less at present...there were more travelling in my previous company...=p

    More a holiday...but Paderborn really is more on a historical destination...^^


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