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Friday, October 1, 2010

Singapore Prepaid Phone

I heard from my friend which is working in Singapore that normally we can get a cooperate rate when subscribing to a Postpaid line. It may has a discount up to 20% of your monthly bill. But I did not have the employee pass when I first touched down to Singapore, therefore I planed to get a Prepaid SIM card first.

M1, Singtel and Starhub

There are three major telcos in Singapore, namely Singtel, Starhub and M1. I have made a comparison between the rate of each telco in their Prepaid offers.

Comparison Table between the Three Telcos
From a glance through the table, Singtel seems to be the choice since it has the lowest initial cost (as I planned to change to Postpaid when I get the employee pass). And the ratio of S$10/S$8, 1.25 seems to be higher than S$18/S$15, 1.20. But wait....hmm.gif.... we should add the free local SMS into calculation, obviously Starhub is much superior with ratio of 1.40.

Both M1 and Singtel have the same calling rate, but M1 is rejected because the global call is at per min block. Although it seems again that Singtel is having a cheaper rate compared to Starhub...sweat.gif...but Starhub charges is cheaper if you pass one minute and it is on per second billing. As a result, I've chosen Starhub! cool2.gif

My Starhub Prepaid Card


  1. Good comparison,will be useful for those venturing across the causeway.

  2. thomas:
    Ooo...never think of this point...thanks...^^

  3. ✿LeMoON寶貝:
    Thanks for dropping by...Nice to meet u too...:)


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