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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Universal Studio, Sentosa Singapore 1

I went to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) two weeks ago. It is my second trip to Sentosa Island after Resort World set its deput in Singapore. But first time was just visited the Casino as the USS was still under construction.

I took the Sentosa Express from Vivocity (Harbourfront MRT) for SGD3. It was about noon when I reached there. The weekday pass was SGD66, it came with a SGD5 food voucher and SGD5 souvenir voucher.

It was a very very hot day...sweat.gif...not a good day for outing...There are in total 7 main attraction parks in USS. But two of them are still out of service (partly), namely Sci-Fi City and Madagascar.

From the main entrance, it was Hollywood. It is actually more a shopping street with all the souvenir shops and restaurants. There are a lot of movies and cartoons dressed characters around for visitor to take photos…some of them even need to queue…blink.gif

I walked counter clockwise from the entrance. The USS is actually a round design with a lake in the middle. All the attraction sub-parks are built around the lake. The first is New York after Hollywood. I went to the “Light, Camera, Action!TM Hosted by Steven Spielberg” where a special effect studio of a major hurricane. It was quite amazing where you really felt the special effect of Steven in action.

Next, it was the Sci-Fi City. The famous “Battlestar GalacticaTM Cylon and Human” are still closed due to safety regulation of Singapore. It is one of the main attraction in USS. Only the “Accelerator” was still operating, I did not take a ride as it is just a spinning cup to make people dizzy…rclxub.gif

After that was the Ancient Egypt. I took the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride. It was an indoor roller coaster in a total darkness… thumbup.gif...It was very exciting and thrilling, it shall be the main attraction with the “Battlestar GalacticaTM” still out…

( be continued laugh.gif)


  1. great post! i want to go, someday =p

  2. Eisse J:
    Thanks, sure, come and have fun...^^


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