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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Malaysia vs. Singapore iPhone4 Plans

I am looking for a smart phone to replace my old phone as it sometimes mute by itself. It may cause serious misses or I shall be late for work if it not functioning as an alarm clock.

After looking around most of my friends and colleagues are using iPhone, naturally that shall be my choice for evaluation. I tried to make a quick comparison between the iPhone plan offered in Malaysia and in Singapore.

I’ve converted the currency to Ringgit Malaysia as an apple to apple comparison. I just the comparison on the near 300 minutes per month plans. The cost of the iPhone 4 set for both 16GB and 32GB are much cheaper in Singapore as compared in Malaysia. But the monthly subscription fee is more expensive in Singapore. After doing a total comparison for a 24 months contract, it is almost in parity (with Singapore’s iPhone plan, M1 and Singtel are slightly lower).

After comparing the cost per min from all the telcos, it shows the Malaysia plan (Maxis) is slightly lower. For Malaysian, please note that Digi charged extra RM0.15/min if you made calls beyond 200 minutes per month. So, if comparing the extra 133 minutes with Maxis plan, it is still cheaper with about RM20 on top of the RM58 per month (digital billing).

The only pros for Maxis are that it offers another 12 months plan for people who like to change up to date hand phones. And overall has a better coverage and longer experience in 3G business.

Definitely, I will sign up a plan with Singapore telcos…haha…laugh.gif...just make the comparison for reference. In Singapore, basically, we do not have to worry about the data overspend or we send too many SMS as the data bundle and SMS per month is as many as 12GB and 500 SMS. Malaysia’s telcos are no where near…

From the above it is obvious that I shall sign up with M1…hmm.gif...although previously I made the prepaid service comparison where Starhub was superior…

If we are doing a dollar-to-dollar comparison (meaning, just compare the currency unit with currency unit), Singapore iPhone 4 plans are much cheaper…drool.gif


  1. Hmm......need time to digest =p Anyway, thanks for sharing (^^)/ I'm saving this link for reference if I buy an IPhone later =)

  2. Eisse J:

    Actually is quite simple, just like we evaluating a project the whole project cycle cost and operating cost...=p

  3. hey.. my bf bought me an iphone from malaysia.. and i currently using singtel services.. can i just change sim card and then that's it?

  4. Anonymous, can change the sim card just like that, given that u r currently using the Singtel data plan and with a smaller sim card that can be installed for iPhone


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