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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Singapore Postpaid Phone Plan

I still remembered when iPhone first launched by Maxis in Malaysia in 2009, it was relatively new or rare for Malaysian to have one. Maxis iPhone plan was very high back then and the initial cost of paying for the iPhone was also very high (about RM2,+++). It was a luxury to own one, with the monthly subscription fee of around RM100. Only one of my colleagues who are up to date of high technology gear had a iPhone 3Gs in the whole office.

After coming to Singapore, I feel that I am really out of date because everyone on the street is equipped with smart phone. Even the old lady who is a hawker has a more advanced phone than me…blink.gif...haha…I think is because a lot of people in Singapore travelling via public transport everyday. Every time while waiting for your ride, within the ride or on the move, you can use your smart phone to read newspaper, SMS, listen to music, watch video clips, play games, etc…cool.gif

Anyway, as I am still new working in Singapore, there is not much phone calls to make, I started with just a prepaid plan and using back my Malaysia phone. One thing bad about Singapore prepaid phone is that we need to pay for incoming calls.

So after a while, although you are paying relatively cheaper (compared to Malaysia) outgoing calls and SMS fees but your total bill per month for phone is still high. The breakeven point of signing up with a postpaid plan is the sum of your current monthly phone usage fee and the discount you get for new phone (divided by 24 months) by signing up the new post paid plan.  Another valid point to consider is your old phone is about to spoil…hehe….laugh.gif


  1. ooOo....I just bought a phone (><) But your review makes me feel like buying a smart phone too...what should i do? =p Great post

  2. Eisse J: Buy one when you really need it and the price is cheper in Malaysia...^^

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