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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Universal Studio, Sentosa Singapore 3

Lastly is the Madagascar, most of this area are still under construction and only the merry go round is opened…sad.gif (I quite like the penguins in the animation....)

Overall, I felt the USS is a bit small...hmm.gif (initially I thought the USS is on the whole Sentosa Island, it was actually just about 1/5 of the island if not smaller). And the weather here is too hot, not really enjoy…may be shall be better to get wet on the water rides…hehehe…sweat.gif...I still prefer Genting Highland for the weather…or may be shall visit USS again when all the rides are available…

 (I saw some posts from other bloggers, the lighting at night at USS is a nice scenery...)


  1. Great photos....aww...too bad no penguins (><)

  2. Eisse J:
    Thanks...the attraction still not release...wait and see ba...:)

  3. wish i could go there too... didn't have the time for now.. .. :D

    hye... thanx 4 visiting my blog.. i havent update anything since last few month.. so sorry didn't notice your msg. :D

  4. syafiqahderani:

    Sure you can go and enjoy yourself there...haha...^^


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