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Monday, November 22, 2010

Travelling to Dusseldorf, Germany 1 --- Germany Railway

Taking public transport in Germany is much more complicated compared to Singapore. There are trains, buses and trams. May be the main reason is that most of the information is written in German Language. Our SMRT in Singapore is much simpler, very straight forward. One platform for one train, each line has different waiting platform...blink.gif

In Germany, the same waiting rail or platform can has multiple train services operating on it. It is depend on the time when you are waiting. Hence, it depends on the departure time for your train, you must be on time. It is not like Singapore, we wait on the same platform, and another train shall come every 5 to 6 minutes. If you miss this one, you can board the next train.
Platform to Dortmund

Same Platform 5 to Paderborn

The Germany railway that I experienced during my trip has ICE (Inter-City Express), RE (Regional Express), S-Bahn and U-Bahn (their local train for high density urban area). I took the RE from Düsseldorf to Paderborn. ICE is faster with speed more than 200km/h but normally more expensive. Their S-Bahn or U-Bahn is much cheaper but you have to stop at more stations.

High Speed ICE

City and Town Transit - RE

Town Travelling - Tram

The train in Germany allows passengers to bring along their pets and bicycles. You can also enjoy you food in the cart. Overall is still very clean and neat, not smelly or feel uncomfort. Imagine if you allow this in Malaysia….

Foldable Seats for Bicycles

Dog in the Train...(^0^)/

Comfortable Seats

Important Time display on Train to check where you are

Push to open train door to preserve heated air
But I do hope one day that Malaysia can have an inter-city fast railway system and connect us between states, especially between KL and Singapore…haha…rclxms.gif

One thing to remember is that we need to validate our ticket at the entrance of each train. The ticket does not shows which date or where we are going…thus, the ticket is valid in term of number of rides. We can buy multiple ride ticket at a discount. From time to time, the DB Bahn officer shall conduct spot check, the fine is EUR4 if they found you did not validate your ticket…(how I found out?...I did not validate…luckily was given a warning since I am a tourist…hehe…whistling.gif)

Complicated MRT Network

This is just the Düsseldorf local train network!

Tram ticket machine in German Laguage

Ticket Validation Machine beside the entrance...just like SMRT (I meant Bus)

Düsseldorf Main Station

Wind Turbine everywhere


  1. Hey there, got to your blog completly by chance (was looking for train info to get to Dusseldorf) and I'm so happy I did, since I find your blog really interesting. I love the pictures of the train, especially from the inside, always has such a cool lighting. I always take train pix while I'm in Europe, often of people sleeping, if I can sneak one in... ;)

  2. holy land tours: is interesting to visit other countries...and live within their society for a while. You can observe a lot when you take their public transport especially train...^^

  3. Hi
    My name is Bettina
    I live in Paderborn (Germany).
    I find your blog very Good!!!!

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