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Friday, November 5, 2010

Travelling to Paderborn, Germany 4 --- Visit to Heinz Nixdorf Museum and Schloß Neuhaus Castle (a)

On the second day, I decided to visit Schloss Neuhaus (Schloß Neuhaus, ß represents ss in I knew...nod.gif) as I already finished walking through the whole Paderborn Town.

Schloß Neuhaus was the resident of Paderborn’s Prince Bishop. There were a beautiful garden in front of the castle as well. From the photo on the tourist guide, it seems to be very nice, thus, I decided this shall be my destination of the day.

I used Google Map to search the distance and direction from my hotel (marked ARROW, the Paderborn Town yesterday was just the little white border, marked ZENTRUM, if you are It was located at the North West from the hotel (marked CIRCLE). It were about 4.5km away and 54 minutes walk (or 11 minutes drive). I was thinking of taking a bus but the guide to take a bus was not easily found. I would not want to waste my time in the hotel room finding bus. With my experience of reading map for the past few days, I confident that I can find my way (worse come to worse if loss or too tired, just take a cab...tongue.gif).
Outline Map of Paderborn to HNF and Schloß Neuhaus
I wrote down the direction instructions from Google Map and identified it on my tourist guide map (since I do not have a printer), then my exploration started. I noticed there is a HNF museum along the way (marked STAR). I spontaneously decided to visit it along the way (after found out it is the world largest computer museum). I started my journey around 10:30am.

Walking Path along with Cycling Path
After walking for about half an hour (with some miss turn and own shortcut, I have a good sense of direction...brows.gif), I managed to find HNF (Heinz Nixdorf Museum). Luckily that today weather was not too chilling. Along the path, a lot of fallen leafs as it was autumn. The pedestrian walk way similar to SG was equipped with side-by-side path for cyclist.
HNF Museum Front View
The admission fee is 7 EUR, I got a discount for only 4 EUR (Bag storage in locker with a deposit of 2 EUR). The HNF museum has total 2 stories of permanent exhibition hall with more than 6,000 exhibits ohmy.gif. The exhibition hall was organized in the circle shape with the escalator in the middle. The 18,000 square meters of exhibition area is also capable of organizing forum and conference for schools and colleges.

In first story, you shall start clockwise from gallery of “Numbers, Symbols and Signals” to “Mechanization of the Information Technology” to the “Invention of the Computer”. In the middle of the inner circle, there was a “Hall of Fame” section of all the biography and their inventions in chronological order. Most of the displayed descriptions were in German, with limited English multimedia touch screen computer.

a) "Numbers, Symbols and Signals"

b) Type Writers

c) Cashier Machines

d) Automated Piano

e) Calculating Machines

f) First Google Map

g) Bookeeping Machines

h) Moss Code Centre, Antique PABX, Telephone Network system and Telephones

i) Printer

( be continued laugh.gif)


  1. wow! very interesting! i hope i get to visit one day too...

  2. Medie007:
    Haha...yea...I was very impress as well...^^...shall post the part two today...

  3. What an interesting blog, introduced by a thought-provoking photo. The unusual wall painting of the dwellings is also a strangely modern interpretation. Something like this hieroglyphic view of a park by Swiss painter Paul Klee,
    The image can be seen at who can supply you with a canvas print of it.


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