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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting my Singapore EP Pass 3 --- e-Appointment and Collection

After getting the Notification Letter from HR, I have made an e-Appointment to visit the EP Service Centre (EPSC) at:

The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road, #04-01/02
Singapore 058416
*Near Clarke MRT station

You can make an appointment on (in 15 minutes slot):
Monday to Friday: 08:00am until 05:15pm
Saturday: 08:00am until 12:45pm

It is advisable to make the appointment in the weekdays, as weekend is only half a day, should be packed of people.

I reached the EPSC half an hour early, they let me in. I think it is all depends on the appointments, as long as there is free counter, you can jump your queue. But...because of the photo taken earlier is not approved...I need to take again...sad.gif...They said it was because my glasses were in parallel with my eye, so cannot see my eye properly...blink.gif

There was a photoshop just beside EPSC, a lot of people like me is queing there. Some with family members, they apply Dependent Pass for the Expat's wife and children.

As a result, I ended up have t pay another SGD14 for my photo....haiz...I thought this shall only happen in Malaysia...Moral of story, do not take your EP photo else where, take them at the EPSC (can re-take if disapproved)...biggrin.gif

Finger printing and document checking is fast, less than ten minutes. Then, you can come again after four days to collect your EP.

Sample Singapore EP


  1. I have my IPA and the decleration letter but what is the notification letter, I dont think i have it

  2. Anonymous:
    The notification letter is basically a Notification for Registration Letter via EPOL (EP online), where we need to pay SGD60 for long term pass. Mine was paid by my HR, thus, I just need to bring along this letter as a prove to EPSC.


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