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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Singapore Credit Card Application

When I started work in Singapore, I began to search for a suitable credit card for myself. I think I shall need one as I am a regular credit card user in Malaysia. At one time, I hold 4 cards and 1 supplementary cards in Malaysia. As I changed my job to Singapore and the implementation of Government Fee of RM50 per card per annum, I canceled all my cards and left with one.

In Singapore, I feel that having at least a credit card, for my daily expenses, Internet shopping and mainly for purchasing air ticket online. This shall allows me to earn points or rebates from my purchase, pay by using my earning currency (without exchange rate) and interest free loan for 21 days with minimum cash in wallet.

I did my research online through the banks' web sites. The first that caught my eye is the Maybank's eCard Platinum.

Maybank's eCard Platinum
1) The main reason is that it has a 5% cash rebate when booking air ticket from Jetstar.
2) There is no service fee, if you charge your card at least once per quarter (easily done by buying air ticket).
3) I already open an account with Maybank Singapore (as in my Singapore Bank Application Post)

I just made one application to this card, since I still new in Singapore, no money to open and maintain too many bank accounts, although in Singapore, there is no Government fee.

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