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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Initial Preparation to Work in Singapore 2 --- Monthly Expenses

Secondly, prepare our budget for monthly Expenses:
This is very subjective and it is depending of individual living life style and purchasing power. Nevertheless, here are some estimated budget breakdown on a monthly basis:
1. Accommodation = SGD600
2. Food = SGD500
3. Local Transport = SGD80
4. Travelling = SGD160 (once per month two ways, back to home town by flight)
5. Handphone = SGD30
6. Entertainment and Shopping = SGD300 (subjective)

As initial, the amount of SGD that we need to bring over (before our first pay cheque) shall be around 2.5 months rental, our daily expenses for a month (as listed above), SGD500 (or SGD1,000) for minimum deposit of opening account (for our salary and waives SGD2 for falling below minimum deposit). If we plan to travel back on the first month, try to book our return ticket together with our initial travelling from Malaysia. The first month expenses may total up to SGD2,110 (minus off the Entertainment and Shopping for first month as well as the Travelling back to home town). It is not a small amount, almost RM5,000 as our initial cost...rclxub.gif

Hope these help! biggrin.gif


  1. The first month's expenses may total up to SGD2100? (o.O) so much...great post

  2. Hahaha...this is called initial investment...^^

  3. Cost of living is high in a modern city like Singapore and conditions should improve with payrise,promotion or job hopping to better paying ones.

  4. True, cost of living is high in Singapore...the only good thing is that in Singapore we can choose...basic needs vs. luxury, e.g. buying a car vs. travel via public transport (even taxi)

    Hope can get a pay rise...not as easy in Singapore though...=p

  5. Hello, great blog you have here. It helps alot, especially for me, who's planning to find job in Singapore. BTW, the 2.5 months rental, you meant the deposit, right? Wow... that's quite expensive...

  6. Anonymous:

    Welcome to Singapore...all the best to you.

    The 2.5 months rental is for 1 month deposit, 1st month's rental and 0.5 month to pay the agent who find the room for you...that's quite a pain initially...=p


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