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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Initial Preparation to Work in Singapore 1 --- Accomodation

After getting our job offer in Singapore and accepted it. We need to make some preparation ourselves to work in this new environment. If we are going to the new frontier alone without any relative originated from Singapore, some help from our friends are crucial. For our friend that already built a career in Singapore since day one, it is a supprise to hear from us (may be the first time after graduation). We not normally meet them and they are seldom joining any gathering activities due to work commitment and far from KL.

Firsti of all, we must settle our Accomodations:
HDB is everywhere, prime city area and new developed areas should cost around SGD450-600 per room (with or without utilities). In Singapore it is different from Malaysia, we may staying with the house owner, thus, our rental normally covered all the utilities, i.e. electricity, water, gas (for light cooking) and sometimes Internet. We should try to get a fully furnished house to reduce our trouble of getting our own bed, table and cupboard (unless we are a Johorian). Besides, ask for a house that has other electrical appliances, i.e. TV, refrigerator, washing machine, iron, etc. These are the basic needs of living. Try to get as much as possible from the fixed amount of rental that we are going to pay, since it is more than RM1,000 per month.

There is also lower end for tighter budget and higher end for luxury and comfort stays. We can still find rooms with price SGD400 per room in remote or old areas. Anyhow, Singapore is not very big, it is still not too bad, just that we need to wake up early to travel to work. If you can afford a luxury place, apartments and condos are the choice to go, SGD800-3,000 per room is the current market price. Normally comes with swimming pool, gym and other facilities.

Below are some useful sites:
Singapore HDB Flat

Hope these help! biggrin.gif


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