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Monday, September 13, 2010

Buying a Laptop

It is important to stay online and keep yourself updated these days, for email, MSN, Skype, social networking, reading news, youtube, etc. Thus, buying a laptop to bring over Singapore is the first priority. (Normally, as an engineer in Malaysia, our laptop is loaned from company for us to work at home...)

Why buying in Malaysia instead of Singapore? Doesn't it cheaper in Sg with GST (Good and Service Tax) rebate? And with more advance design and features in Sg?

The price is not necessary My actually there is similar priced laptop. The only cheaper is due to the Sg's GST rebate (7%). But as we are working there, we cannot claim any rebate, (we are earning money from Sg and not as tourist) hence, this has wiped off the discount. In term of latest design and features, I would said in reality there is "slightly" more advance in Sg. Unless you are looking for a very high end laptop for your own work or gaming, we normally do not need the latest design, and it is normally more expensive.

For me, at that moment, I am looking for a laptop that are ok in performance in term of speed, ram, storage, outlook, etc. But the most important criteria for me is the weight. I plan to travel often back to Malaysia. We do not want to carry such a big laptop around. You may thinking that slightly more heavier laptop is not a problem. Please remember that we are just starting to work in Sg, we normally travel via public transport, no more car to carry the laptop for us. Trust me it is very important. Changi Air Port is located at one end of the country, no matter where you work, normally you need to travel quite a bit.

I have shortlisted two laptops of choice:
a) Dell Inspiron
b) HP Pavilion dm3

HP Pavilion dm3
 I bought a HP Pavilion dm3, with Intel Core 2 SP9300 2.26GHz, 500GB Storage, 4GB RAM, 4USB ports, 1.91kg for RM4,379.00. I extended the warranty to 3 years, and it comes with a bag and external DVD R/W drive. It was last year December (2009).

Actually Dell is my first choice but there is no chance for the online purchase to meet the delivery before New Year. So I bought the HP off the shelf from a local computer shop in One U.

Dell Inspiron 13R
Now, I think Dell Inspiron 13R with a similar features is cost only about RM3,091.00. It is a good buy. Even then, when I comparing price Dell's Inspiron is less than RM4k. Just that I cannot wait...(><)

The main reason was because the My's income tax relief when purchasing laptop or other words I am getting a discount of about 20% if I purchase before 1st Jan 2010. It was just the timing. For people who are working in My, hardly we thinking of getting the tax relief by buying laptop (as mentioned earlier our PC mainly by company). Only when I was about to leave the country, then I think of it...Luckyly still managed to purchase in time and get the tax relief this April. (^^)v


  1. thanks for the review. Im thinking of getting a laptop too. How is the HP one for you, so far?

  2. So far the laptop performance is fine for me, mainly used for MS Office, surfing web, streaming video,etc. It is also light in weight.

    Only cons are that it is a bit warm when charging and the Function keys (i.e. F1, F2,...)are toggle from normal keyboard orientation. Thus, need to familiarize.

  3. Oic. My old dell laptop was kinda warm when charging too.

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