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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Singapore iPhone Plan --- Low Usage Plan Comparison

I just signed up with M1 for the iPhone4 plan for two years...laugh.gif

What I get was just a small box with the iPhone, SIM card, Charger, Headphone and a small box...sweat.gif 

I've taken the iPhone Value plan for 16GB phone with 100 minutes per month voice call time. For my present usage, I believe is sufficient. Although I am paying slightly more (SGD270 more) compared to I take up the iPhone Lite plan (300 minutes per month), I can pay back within about one and half year. My cost per minute also is much higher (SGD0.56/min vs. SGD0.22/min), but I really do not have such a high usage per month. So theoretically I still can save about SGD210 after two years...haha...cool2.gif

I've been using the iPhone4 for a month, not bad...a lots of apps...but most of the good ones need to purchase if you want to enjoy the full version (most of it have a LITE version for testing)...I can use it to listen to Radio while I am walking or read News when I am waiting for bus, read Email, surf Web, track my Expenses, Alarm, Scheduling, Chat, Social Networking, watch Youtube, not bad...and the 12GB of data bundle is much more than enough...nod.gif

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  1. Nice post...i want an iPhone too someday...its just like a computer, but lighter(^^)


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